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Go Bold!

  *** New PODCAST Inside If you're gonna go, you might as well go BOLD. As we wrap up the last season of 2020, and walk into 2021, why not go boldly? As the seasons change, so does the seasons of our lives change. Where you are right now is not where God intends for you to stay. I know some of you may be in your comfort zone, others may be anxious to take a leap forward. Wherever you may find yourself, change is coming, and your next chapter is here. So why not make this next chapter of your life, your best chapter yet! It all starts with EXPECTATIONS! What are you expecting? Are you comfortable speaking success over your life? Declare it loud and clear, "I am successful in everything I do"? Get comfortable speaking success over  everything  you do until it becomes an automatic part of you. The key is to keep speaking it until you expect it! Continue to live each day, Inspired! Dr. Janis Modeste P.S.: Here's More Ways To Stay Inspired : PODCAST On this week's podc

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