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Declare it! "I am Abundantly Prospering"

"The LORD will grant you abundant prosperity"... (Duet. 28:11).Hi friends,

Take a break & Meditate on those good words.
In my devotional reading today from Duet 28, this verse stuck out to me. God described His will for His children. His only stipulation- "If you listen to me". But how do we listen? We are fortunate today to have His Word readily available to us in the Bible. We can hear Him speak to us each day. What a blessing!

He is reminding today, you are "prospering abundantly" (NIV). Not just you, but your children, your business, your lands and your ____________. You fill in the blanks. Remember, God said HE will "bless ALL the work of your hands".  So what are you working on today? God has pronounced a blessing on it! Hallelujah!

So go out today in confidence and declare: "I am prospering abundantly".
Speak it out into the atmosphere. God said His words will not return empty but fulfill the task. Let's hear you loud and cle…

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