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Harvest Blessings Are Here today!

God made the seasons and this season He has set aside for harvest! I know many of you have been feeling the pressures of life weighing you down. But harvest is here and its supposed to be a time of JOY!

As I read Isaiah 57:13 this morning, I was reminded that God promises to "restore the crushed in spirit". God reminded Jeremiah, "put your trust in Me and you WILL possess the land and you will inherit My Holy Mountain". 

 What promises are you hoping for today? God is saying, I know you've been through a tough time, but I am here now. Just trust in Me.  I will , "revive your courage"(vs15). Not only does God want to restore your crushed spirit, but also give you to courage so you can believe and reap your harvest- THIS SEASON!

You've worked hard and believed God even harder for your breakthrough in your health, relationship, finances, ministry/business- everything that pertains to you. It may not have come easy but God wants you to SEE today that it&…

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