Celebrate Baby Steps!

Celebrate Baby Steps!

And may you be completely faithful to the LORD our God. May you always obey his decrees and commands, just as you are doing today." 1 Kings 8:61
Hi Friend:

Harvest has passed and Winter is upon us (officially on December 21st).  Now is a great time for us to reflect upon our harvest and give a final push to the finish line of obedience.  You may still need to push through to your goals and gather all that God has promised you this season.  However, don’t yield to the temptation of feeling defeated because you did not accomplish all that you set out to accomplish this year.  Instead, let’s use this time to celebrate the baby steps we made along the way. 

For example, If your relationship goal was to spend an additional 30 minutes each morning communing with God and you were only able to add 10 minutes each morning, Celebrate that!  That extra 10 minutes for 365 days allowed you to spend 3,650 more minutes than you did the previous year, talking and hearing from God about the daily activities of your life.
One of my health goals was to simply get rid of my jumbo-sized coffee mug and get a smaller coffee cup. Since I love to add sweeteners and chocolate, that cup of coffee turns quickly into a very unhealthy (but tasty) drink.  So I have decided to celebrate that as a huge victory. Why? Because I fell short of my other health goal of working out at the gym 4 times per week. In previous years, I easily skipped an entire month and this year I usually made it every week. So instead of thinking defeat, I choose to celebrate this baby step. I can’t imagine how much more unfit I would have been hadn’t I set health goals-even if I didn't quite reach it.

Use this week to read through your old goals with the hope that God will use you even more mightily this year. He has great plans for you and I’m on assignment to help you accomplish them. Together we will make sure that no bad habits, self-doubts and fears will get in the way of accomplishing your dreams.  So if you’re ready for the NEW God has for YOU, I’m here to help.  But not just me, remember that we are a community of women, inspiring each other get and stay on the path God has for our lives.
So together, let’s start of our inspiration session this week by sharing our small baby steps celebration on this facebook page.  We were not designed to go it alone so join the chat.

Once we’ve celebrated your baby steps, it’ll be time to start your 2016 Refocus 21 journal. It is in the process of being printed so keep checking your inbox to be the first to get your copy.

Remember to Live everyday Inspired!

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