Help Your Child Name Feelings

We’ve heard the phrase, ‘Parents are their child’s first teacher”. Well this phrase should ring louder today than ever before! At The Master's Educational Foundation (MEF), we're here to offer support to help parents on the front lines of virtual homeschooling. First of all, breathe.

Together, we will make it through this time in quarantine as we stay home and stay safe. The goal is to create an environment where the structure of your home is predictable and safe. This will allow your child student to feel more at ease and more confident to face his or her day. Additionally, this will also help you manage behaviors at home successfully.

Let's start with helping your child to express his or her feelings in a variety of ways. Some may prefer to speak, others write, while some may just want to draw how they may be feeling. Allow students to also have the opportunity to share their experience and perception of what they feel/see is occurring during around them during this COVID-19 pandemic. When we help guide students through this pandemic, they can continue to make progress towards better understanding and regulating their feelings.

Remember to ask your child, "How are you feeling today?


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