Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You, But Not Bigger Than God!

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“Look and be utterly amazed!
For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if you were told."
(Habbakkuk 1:5)
Declare it! "My Dreams Are Bigger Than Me!"
Hello Friends,

Here's a quick inspiration to keep you reaching for the destiny God has for you. It's bigger than you think.

In today's Meditation Scripture, we see that when you pray and ask God for something, He wants you to expect an amazing answer. If you want a regular answer, there would be no need to pray. But once you go to God, He wants you to LOOK and expect to be amazed. In fact, He said you'll be "utterly amazed". Only a mighty God can make such a claim.

So no matter how tough your situation may seem, give it to God and watch Him amaze you. The dream that looks dead, give it to God, look, and be amazed. The relationship or finances that seem dead, give it to God, look and be amazed.

What makes it so amazing is that God takes a hopeless looking situation and turns it into a miracle. Miracles only come about when there seem to be no way out. If you find yourself feeling helpless in a situation, that is a great environment for God to show up and show off on your behalf.

God wants to show up so big in your life that He says, "you won't believe it if I told you". Wow! God is really stretching us to believe for something bigger than ourselves. Your dreams are bigger than you, bigger than you have imagined in the past. God wants you to be on the look out for great things from Him.

He wants more for you than you want for yourself. So elevate your thinking, LOOK AGAIN and EXPECT to be "utterly amazed". God's about to blow your mind. He's bringing you more than you ever imagined.

Don't take my word for it. Read His Word and meditate (ponder) on it. Today's inspiration is from page 132 of your Affirmation Journal. Remember, your voice is powerful so speak life over yourself DAILY.

Declare it! "My Dreams are BIGGER than me, but not bigger than my God"
Live Inspired!

Dr. Janis Modeste

Inspirational Coach & Strategist

P.S. Sunday begins I'm about our upcoming 5-day Reset 2020 Challenge on Sunday, August 9th. So get at least one goal ready. We will revisiting goals It's for those of us who would like to revisit our goals, and get inspiration to push through accomplish those goals.


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