Out With The Old

A Quick Word
Week 2- Your Health
Day 8- Retored. Renewed

Your Countenance Reflects Your Health
Noun: Appearance, especially the expression of the face.

Like David in Psalm 51, our prayer today is for renewed spirit, and restored joy (v10). Your emotional health is manifested through your physical health. If you are living a life filled with strife, stress and contention, it reflects in your physical appearance ( i.e., health problems).

Today, we are seeking God to enlighten us to areas that may be preventing us from carrying a free spirit and joyful countenance. Like David, we will acknowledge the things that are causing or have caused us guilt. Maybe it’s some thing(s) that we know we should change but have not.

What comes to mind? Write it down in your journal.
BE open and honest with God. Tell Him about it. He knows anyway. Ask Him for forgiveness and let him “wash” and “clean” your mind (v7) so that your conscience is clean and clear.

Ps 103:3 Says, “He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases”, and then He removes them from His mind and mine (v 12).

God wants you to walk in divine health, emotionally and physically. Let Him search you and heal you. Stay focused on Him today. Surround yourself as much as possible with worship music, and avoid as much as possible things, people and situations that may distract you.

Be renewed & restored today!

Janis, Your Inspirational Coach

P.S. Read Psalm 103 during your break today if you get a chance.


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