Prepare To Be Ridiculed

Have you ever shared your dreams with someone and they laughed right in front your face? Or have you ever been ridiculed because of your faith? Well Jesus was, so you’re in good company.  He was spat on, and teased mercilessly just because He said about Himself, what God said about Him (see Matt 26:6).  Whenever you tell people that you are what God says you are, be prepared to be ridiculed. 

God said in His Word, He will make your name great and give you a name of prestige (1 Chron 17:8).  He also said that His plan for you is to live in SHALOM- peace, prosperity, health and wholeness (spirit, mind & body) (Jer 29:11).  AND because He wanted to make sure these promises were available to all, He sent us Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to seal the deal.  So now, once we’ve made Jesus the Lord of our lives, ALL God’s promises are ours, today. YOU ARE WHAT GOD SAYS YOU ARE, NOW! I know it’s easier said than believed so here are some tips to help you to reach your full potential. It’s the only way you can fulfill God’s master plan for your life.

1) Change your perspective
If you’re seeing yourself how God sees you, your self-talk will change.  You’ll start looking at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am whole, healthy and prospering everyday”.  You’ll start agreeing with God’s Word and say, I am the head and not the tail, the lender and not the borrower; I am above only and not beneath (Duet 28).  I am a leader of many; people are drawn to follow me. I eat healthy and exercise daily; therefore I am a healthy weight. Wealth and riches are in my house and I give generously to the needs of others.  My children are successful everywhere they go and in everything they do.”  You must SEE yourself as having those characteristics. Don’t be afraid to use your mirror for good.

2) Use Self-Talk
Once you start SEEING yourself that way, you’ll start TALKING to yourself that way. Before you know it, your new conviction will spill out into your everyday conversations. People may ridicule you because God’s promises are disguised as impossibilities. The facts don’t count with God.  He took some slaves in Egypt and told them they’ll become a great nation in the earth (Gen 46:3).  He took a seemingly insignificant shepherd boy and turned him into wealthy, renowned King and his son into the wisest and richest man the world has ever seen (David & Solomon).    He took a young exile into Babylon, and made him the Vice President and advisor to many leaders in his day. Not only was Daniel a minority in Babylon, he was an immigrant, who looked and spoke differently and even had a different religion from everyone else. The facts really don’t count with God! Speak to yourself only what God has spoken.

3) Don’t look at your current situation
Don’t look at your current situation, look at God’s Promises. What does He say about you?  If people aren't ridiculing you when you talk about your goals and dreams, maybe your dreams aren't big enough.  Compare your goals with God’s promises and see if they align.  Is it taking all the faith you have and then some to believe in your dreams? It should! “Without faith it is impossible to please God”.  God wants your faith.  All He’s asking of you right now is that YOU believe in His promises for your life.  He’ll take care of the rest.

4) Don’t look to others
During the time that Jesus was being ridiculed and preparing to be crucified, his number one supporter deserted him.  Peter swore that he would stand by Jesus’s side; but when the time came, he just couldn’t muster up the courage (Matt 26).  Sometimes God wants us to look only to Him, so He allows our safety nets to be removed.  When Phil and I opened our first preschool in 2007, support came from the most unlikely sources.  Most people in our sphere of influence were not able to or maybe choose not to support us. We had to learn quickly to keep our eyes on God’s Word and not on our situation or those around us. We kept the faith and was able to see God’s promise manifest in our lives. Yes, God will send others to help you, but He FIRST wants you to know that HE alone is your source.

5) Share out and inspire others!!!
Now it’s your turn to share. You can write in your personal journal or share on my blog.

Review your goals for this year. Do they line up with the scriptures I shared with you today about God’s promise for your life?  Is it stretching your faith? Are you being ridiculed for it? If not, what changes can you implement in your daily routine to build your faith to reach the next level?  

Remember, What you make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you. Inspire someone else today to reach their full potential and walk in God’s master plan for their lives. So join the blog and share out today.

Janis, Your Inspirational Coach


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