Day 1- Know Your Position (Daniel Fast)


Hello Friends!

Jesus said, "If you want to have power, then mix your prayer with fasting (Matthew 17:21 Expanded).

So whatever fasting option you choose (see page 12 of fasting journal), we start our journey, plugged into the Power Source. So here we go!

AFFIRMATIONS (To be spoken out loud)
Let's begin with some affirmations to speak over your life three times today (before each meal or as you're led). Meal times (or when you're tempted to eat something that's NOT on your meal plan) are great because you're reminded of why you're fasting. These affirmation are from one of our Refocus members, Lady Di Monrose, It helps to remind us that we are "seated in the heavenly realm" (Eph.2:6) as we set aside time to listen & hear God's voice. He's speaking. Listen.

Affirmation #1

* I Live in harmony with God and the wisdom of His Word...
*•He listens and takes action:* He hears my words, my prayers, my groaning, sighing, crying and speaks to my heart - blessing me with His direction, peace, joy & favor. (Psalms 5)

Affirmation #2
* I listen to Him and take action:* I take heed to Godly wisdom & understanding to exercise discipline & good judgment especially in the face of temptations - that I will not make foolish decisions to the detriment of my soul (Proverbs‬ ‭5).

As you read Day 1 of your journal, take time to pray and praise, then sit and listen before you write. We will be revisiting our journal entries for each section at the end of the fast. But for now,

Happy Fasting!

Your Inspirational Coach

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