Day 10-The Mindset that Prospers

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Week 2- Day 10- The Mindset That Prospers 


Hi Beloved!

This is a fresh Word from the Lord today. As I sat during my devotion and meditation time this morning, 2 Kings chapter 7 spoke so clearly to me. The king of Israel was frustrated because his country was in famine for so long! Finally, he asked Elisha the prophet, "Why should I hope in the LORD any longer?" (6:33MEV)

Today as you pray, is there anything that makes you wonder, "why should I hope in the LORD any longer?" Is there something you have been believing for or dreaming of doing and it seems as if it is still far away? What have you cried to the Lord about? Fasted about? Complained about?

The prophet's response to the king's helpless statement was, "Hear the Word of the LORD, Tomorrow about this time" you will see a complete turnaround of food in abundance (7:1). The prophet did not just say you will have food. He described the miracle of famine one day and an abundance of food the next day-literally.

God wants to turn around your current situation in a supernatural way. People around will be in amazement at how He comes through and change your situation. Yes, that situation or sickness may have been persistent all these year. But today we are believing for a miraculous turnaround. 

As the prophet spoke those words to the king, it was such a hard concept for those standing by to receive. One officer doubted and exclaimed, "could God possibly make this happen?". He questioned God's ability to do something that looked totally impossible given the circumstances. Elisha told him that because he didn't believe God, he would not live to enjoy the promise.

Sure enough, what Elisha prophesied came to pass (7:16). The next day, there was food in abundance for everyone. All enjoyed the promise except the officer who questioned God's ability.
So today, I'm here to tell you that whatever you have been believing, fasting and praying to God for you will receive on this fasting journey.

Now there's two types of people reading this today. The one who believes God can and the ones who believes God will. It's simple, though not easy. The people who believe, receive and the ones who don't believe, leave empty.

Don't leave empty today. Fill in the blanks with what you're believing God to do for you and through you. What would you like Him to reveal to you during this fast.
Believe God for your turnaround- TODAY!

Remember, I'm praying for you during these 21 days of fasting that you will be open to the powerful things God is about to do through you.

Happy Fasting!

Father I thank you today that:

"...Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be able to stand firm. Believe in his prophets, and you will prosper.”(2 Chron 20:20)

"I believe in God and I am confident that I will prosper in all that I do".
Repeat your affirmation(s) at least 3 times per day or as led- especially when you get hungry or you're craving that food, habit or meal you're fasting from.

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 As you read Day 10 of your journal, take time to pray and praise, then sit and listen before you write. We will be revisiting our journal entries for each section at the end of the fast. But for now, 

Live today Empowered for Greatness!

Your Inspirational Coach


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