Day 9- Power of Self Talk

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Week 2- Day 9- The Power of Self-Talk


Hi Lovely!

I know society often tells us that talking to yourself is questionable. But David knew the power of self-talk. We know that the Bible says that "he was a man after God's own heart".  In other words, he was God's kinda guy. God appreciated David's posture towards him and his deep commitment towards him.

What did David do when he had a problem, a concern, or just found himself with his back against a wall? He spoke to himself. We know many times he had to flee for his life as people hunted him down to kill him. So how did he deal with this fear? He spoke to himself.

In Psalm 43, as he prayed to God and said "Deliver me from my enemies" he then turned and said to himself and said, "Why are you cast down (stressed, depressed, sad, or discouraged)? Put your hope in God!"

David had to talk himself out of his discouraged and depressed state by reminding himself of his hope in God. What are some things or feelings that you need to get rid of? Carrying those feelings of helplessness or loneliness will not help you get to your 2019 destiny. So go ahead and write those down. Now remind yourself, Hope in YOUR God".

I love how God Himself said, "...Let the weak say I am strong" (Joel 3:10). The fact may be that you are weak but in order for God to get strength to you, YOU must SAY it. That is why the affirmations that I send to you everyday is so important and powerful. Saying what God said about you regardless of the reality of your circumstances is God secret to a more powerful YOU!

It's okay to know how to recognize that you are stressed, you feel down, you feel exhausted, etc. But God wants you to know how to speak over yourself in these situations. The Hebrew word for 'strong' in Joel 3 is 'gibbore' meaning powerful, mighty, warrior and champion".
So how do you feel today? I don't want to be rude but it doesn't matter because now you will tell yourself how to feel using God's Words.

Declare it! "Today I am a champion, a warrior, mighty and powerful. That is who I am".
Meditate and make that your reality today. I can imagine God smiling and saying, "you got this girl" as you affirm those words over yourself.

Remember, I'm praying for you during these 21 days of fasting that you will be open to the powerful things God is about to do through you.

Happy Fasting!

Father I thank you today that:

"I am trusting in you with all my heart and not depending on my own thoughts and what I see with my eyes. Instead, I am standing on your word as truth in my life" (Proverbs 3:5)

"I am champion, a warrior, and I am mighty and powerful (Joel 3:10b).
Repeat your affirmation(s) at least 3 times per day or as led- especially when you get hungry or you're craving that food, habit or meal you're fasting from.

Please feel free to share the inspirational emails I will be sending out even if your friend are not fasting. They can use these words of inspiration too!
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As you read Day 9 of your journal, take time to pray and praise, then sit and listen before you write. We will be revisiting our journal entries for each section at the end of the fast. But for now,

Live today Empowered for Greatness!

Your Inspirational Coach


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