Day 4- Could You Be Missing This?


(Wow! We're half way through week one already! Welcome to the new team members. Please check out the BLOG for any emails you may have missed.)

Let people say of you, *|FNAME|*  "Truly your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings (Daniel 2:47).
Daniel had a 'secular' job working for the government of Babylon. He sought God for wisdom, skill and understanding at his job and amazed the king. Because Daniel spent time in prayer AND fasting, He was able to connect to The Source of all wisdom and understanding. His wisdom was so supernatural and above human comprehension that the king took notice that it "must be God".

"Then the king advanced (promoted) Daniel and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and chief of the governors over all the wise men of Babylon" (vs. 48).
 That is what we are believing for during this fast. We want to tap into God's wisdom and insight into the plans He has for our 2019 success. His plans for you are so BIG that people around you will say, " *|FNAME|*'s God is the God of gods".
You won't have to say anything. People will just know that you are walking in the supernatural and ask about your God. That is God's plan so He can get the glory.
Are you missing something?
A lack of understanding of God's love for you can keep you from walking in the magnitude of abundance that He desires for you. You have to believe that God loves you and enjoys hanging out with you. Your time with Him is precious. You must know that He has greatness in store for you and expect it to happen to YOU! Greatness was not just for Daniel. It is for you as well. As you take your seat in the heavenly realm (Eph 2:6), here are some affirmations as you approach The Throne.
AFFIRMATIONS (To be spoken out loud)

Oh Lord, my God, while I am yet alive, I will give you thanks for your many blessings towards me. (Psalms 6:5)

*• I am so thankful* that you show your favor and compassion to me especially in my weakness and frailty. (Psalms 6:2) I will declare your praise.

*• I am so thankful* that you act on my behalf, to deliver my soul because of your steadfast and unfailing love to me. (Psalms 6:3,4) I will declare your praise.

*• I am so thankful* that you hear the voice of my weeping, my prayers and plea for grace, which you have received, accepted and answered. (Psalms 6:9) I will declare your praise

• I am so thankful that you choose to give me wisdom and might, knowledge and understanding, (Daniel 2:21,23) to fulfill my God-ordained destiny and bring You glory.


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