Day 9- Your Latter Will Be Greater!

Affirmation Day # 9 Inside- "Though my beginning may be small, my 2020 will be prosperous".
"Though your beginning was small, Yet your latter end would increase abundantly (Job 9:7 NKJ).

Hi friend!

I love not having to figure out my future on my own. Aren't you glad we can team up with The Master Planner Himself for His plans for our lives? Since His plan is wholeness for us, we have to be willing to let Him into our entire lives. Yep. That includes our physical health. He knows it's a challenge. That's why He has some things to share with you today about just that. Your day 9 journal prompt will help you get clarity and write what you hear God's spirit is speaking to you concerning your physical health plans.

Sometimes we are looking for BIG changes but God reminds us, "do not despise small beginnings because the Lord rejoices to see the work begin..." (Zechariah 4:10). God rejoices in baby steps. So don't walk around feeling defeated because you're not able to run a mile or lift weights at the gym. Ask God what or where you can start and then build from there weekly.

 After the fast, I will provide options to help you plan and stay on track with your goals. But for now, remember that God has a health plan for your life. He wants you healthy and whole so you can accomplish that great plan He has for you in 2020.

Declare it! "Though my beginnings may be small, my 2020 will be prosperous"!

Your Inspirational Coach
P.S. Be sure to read  today's prompt in your fasting journal.
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1. Read the affirmation provided for you out loud today before each meal- that way you would have hopefully read it 3 times today. After 21 days, this will help you develop a habit of positive thinking throughout your day.
2. If you're using the fasting journal, carve out 10 minutes each morning to write using the provided prompts. It's great for reflection (especially at the end when we create our goals). If you did not get a journal, use any notebook- just as long as you journal. (get help here<<)
3. Enjoy the journey. You and God make a great team!


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