Day 15- You Are A Woman Of Wealth

Affirmation Day # 15 Inside- "I A Woman Of Wealth".
"It is a good thing to receive wealth from God and good health to enjoy it...this is indeed a gift from God" (Eccl. 5:19 NLT).

If you've been following all the hoopla about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, then there're some things we can learn. When you are royalty, you don't have to go seeking wealth; wealth is already yours. You don't have to go about seeking your title or your career; it's already laid out for you. You don't have to worry about where you will live; you know a beautiful home will be made available to you.

You belong to a far better Kingdom; the Kingdom of God. With that in mind, listen to what Jesus (Yeshua) shared with us-, "That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life- whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear (Matt 6:25).
Jesus tells us to trust God to take care of all our needs. If that wasn't tough for us to do, we would not have to be reminded to "not worry".

We have to believe that God has everything we need in reserve for us. Our job is to listen and go where He directs us. He knows the right career for you. He knows the right spouse for you. He knows where the right home is for you. << Test First Name >>, the only thing we are lacking in our lives is to hear the voice of God. He has the gift of abundance for you. Yes, it is a gift because we can't do anything to deserve it.

So as we go through devotions this week, try to keep this mindset so God can shift our financial frequency to match His. We all have a lot to learn from the Holy Spirit this week concerning our finances. I'm looking forward to hearing about your aha moments. I'm also looking forward to what God will be sharing with us via these devotional emails and also during our final Check-In Thursday.

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Happy Fasting & Journaling.

Here's some quiet music to keep you focused as you pray, journal and meditate today. Remember to begin everything with prayer.
Affirmation: "I Am A Woman of Wealth".
(Taken from Psalm 112:3: "Wealth & riches are in my house"!- Quite a powerful Scripture to read sometime today)

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