You Have Been Heard!!!

“Don’t be afraid, Janis. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer. (Daniel 10:12) NLT)

As you plan for this new year, here are some reminders of how God plans to see your dreams fulfilled-His way. We learned that Daniel needed insight and clarity from God for his next steps. Therefore, he went on a 21-day fast to hear from God. What I'm excited about today is the response he received from his angel AFTER his fast. It's only after the fast he was able to see the vision clearly. In fact, he says no one else could see the vision but him.

Let me encourage you today. During your fast, God may have given you some new ideas, new visions, and new strategies. Don't be discouraged if you are the only one who sees your dreams. Because Daniel was the only one who saw it, he became a little discouraged. But here's a Word the angel spoke to him and is speaking to you today as well.

"You are greatly beloved. Stand upright, I have been sent to you now. Your words were heard and I have come because of your words".

Do you remember all those affirmations we spoke out loud during the fast? (If you missed the fast, learn more on my blog). Well God is reminding us that He has heard those words. He has sent out His ministering spirits (aka angels) to capture your words and see to it that they are fulfilled (verse 12).

So remember to join me tonight at 7 pm. We will be joining our faith together in praying over those words.
Let's put some super on our 2020 goals and watch God do the supernatural!!!!

In the meantime, you can always review your journal entries to make sure you didn't miss anything God may have been speaking to you these past few weeks. Even if you have nothing written down, still call in. You never know what you'll hear that may change the trajectory of your life.

Keep Listening, Keep planning!
Live Inspired!

Dr. Janis Modeste
Your Inspirational Coach


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