Day 12: Attracting Soul Abundance

Affirmation Day # 11 Inside- "I attract abundance!".
"Listen diligently to me and let your soul delight in abundance" (Isaiah 55:2 KJVexp).

Here's some food for your soul. Did you know that we are to feed our soul just like we feed our bodies? Although you may say, "of course!", know that today, God wants to take you a step deeper. He said, come to me, listen and your soul will live. Live in this verse (in Hebrew) is chayah meaning to be whole, alive, restored, revived.

God knows what you've gone through this past year but He is calling us to tune into His voice and chayah-live! (vs 3). The only way we can live at that high level of soul abundance is by adopting His way of thinking and being. We're reminded, "my ways and thoughts are higher than yours" (vs. 8-9). He wants to take us up to His level.

But as He stated repeatedly in this chapter, this can only happen if we listen, and listen deeply. Let Him heal you in places you forgot were even sore. Allow Him a space in your mind so He can bring chayah (abundant life) to your soul.
Remember, that's why Jesus (Yeshua) came, so we can have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). He came so we can have a direct connection to God the Father so His Spirit can live in us; and as we tune into it, we can have and attract abundance into our soul. Once there's soul prosperity, physical prosperity will be sure to follow. God wants us WHOLE- mind, body, spirit.

Enjoy some moments of listening throughout your day. God is speaking to you. Just listen.

Affirmation: I Attract Abundance!

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