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Day 21: Walk Empowered Into This New Year

Please Use Today to Rest & Reflect
Clear your calendar today and spent some extra time reflecting on your journey. Next week I will guiding you through targeted focus on what you wrote in your journals throughout the fast. But for today, reflect however you are led, and fill out today's journal. Let's Make today count!
Walk Into 2020 Empowered
Hi My Powerful & Wealthy Friend!

We started this fast seeing ourselves "sitting in heavenly places" with our Messiah. Now that we have started on the path to raise our self-image to His, we are so much closer to our God-Ordained Destines.

I am so grateful that you decided to team up with us to take this journey. I'm sure you would agree that by doing it with a team, it was much easier. It was my pleasure to facilitate this fast.

Some of you will be ending your fast at sundown and some at midnight. Whichever time you choose, don't over eat. Gradually reintroduce yourself to certain foods so you can pay attention to it's effect on your body. Remember, we will start of the first week in February with an optional 90 day challenge. It takes 21 days to create a new habit but 90 days to create a new lifestyle. So if you'd like to join me with a lifestyle change challenge, stay tuned.

The goal is for us to walk in SHALOM in 2020. Yes, we aim to be healthy, whole, wealthy, and great- everything that God says He has planned for us. So get ready.

In the meantime, just enjoy a restful day, sitting, reflecting and journaling some major insights you received through this journey.

Happy Resting

Dr. Janis Modeste
Your Inspirational Coach
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